Open Afternoon

Yesterday we had an open afternoon in class where we shared our learning with our grown-ups!

We learnt all about garden plants and how these are different to wild plants. We identified some garden plants and listened to the story of ‘The Extraordinary Gardener’ by Sam Boughton.

We then designed our own extraordinary gardens which included flowers, trees and even edible plants. Don’t they look amazing!

We hope that the grown-ups enjoyed working with us as much as we enjoyed seeing them!

Platinum Jubilee Art Afternoon

This afternoon we discussed the role of the Queen and the celebrations that will be taking place next week to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee. We created a piece of Pop Art in the style of Andy Warhol. We thought about the bright colours we could use to make outlines of the Queen stand out.

Spider Sculptures

This half term in Art we have been learning about the artist Louise Bourgeois who is a famous sculptor inspired by nature. We have had a close look at some of her sculptures, including a spider sculpture called ‘Maman’.

Working as a class, we created our own spider sculpture inspired by ‘Maman’. We made the legs and body out of newspaper and then used sponges to create the textured colour on our sculptures. We think they look great!

Spanish Animals

This half term in Spanish we have been learning the names of lots of different animals.

Today we practised matching the animal to its Spanish and English name. Then we practised pronouncing the name correctly!

Science- Trees

Today we have learnt all about trees! We talked about the different parts of trees and how these are similar and different to the different parts of plants.

Then we learnt all about the different types of tree we might find in nature. We learnt that Evergreen trees keep their needle like leaves all year round and that Deciduous trees have leaves that change colour in Autumn and then fall off in Winter. We then sorted some trees based on whether we thought they were Deciduous or Evergreen and talked about the decisions we had made.

Finally we learnt about why trees and plants are important for both us and other creatures!

The Lonely Beast

This half term we are reading the story of ‘The Lonely Beast’. It tells the tale of a beast who goes on a journey across the world to find other beasts just like him.

Today we had a very special visitor to read the story to us for the first time- the beast himself! He told us his story and then took us on our own journey through a forest, over a river, down to the bottom of the ocean, through a dark cave and over some dangerous mountains! We had a great time learning all about his adventure!

Easter Bonnet Parade

To celebrate Easter we held an Easter Bonnet Parade in Years 1 and 2 today. We really enjoyed looking at the amazing bonnets and how much effort had been put into making them! Teachers had the difficult job of choosing a winner from each class who got a certificate.

We hope you enjoy looking at the bonnets as much as we did!

Down, Down Underground

This week we had a special performance from the Nottingham Playhouse Story Explorers. It was fantastic! Along the way we joined in with songs and dances. The story followed a young owl who ventured underground in search of its uncle.

World Book Day

Yesterday we celebrated World Book Day! We learnt all about what World Book Day and why it is important. We also dressed up as some of our favourite characters from stories that we have read!

We then took part in some fun World Book Day activities; we played a ‘Guess the Character’ quiz, hunted for some characters in books, counted some fairytale characters and decorated our own bookmarks!

After that, we listened to some stories on the World Book Day website, our favourite was ‘Supertato; Bubbly Trouble’.

Lion and Dragon Dances

In PE we have been creating lion and dragon dances. Year 4 joined our last lesson to watch and celebrate our dances by playing the drums.